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Bamboozled Dog Memes - Page 2

Updated January 9, 2017

Here is page two of my bamboozled dog memes section. The most recent posts will be shown on page one. Check out these other pages for more funny pictures.

Bamboozled dog memes are when a dog tricks us by wearing a cute costume!

Still thick baby

You've been thongboozled! Its not a girl, sorry. At least not a human one. Still thicc though.

Turtle Boozled

This doggo really does look like a turtle. Probably because of the turtle costume he is wearing!

Watermelon dog meme

Im not sure if this poor doggo is actually wearing a watermelon, but it basically fooled me.

Banana costume two

Indeed this is a dank meme, maybe not so rare anymore. This is another banana costume, but this guy actually looks happy.


Strawberry Doge forever. This doge just bamboozled us and he doesn't seem to care. His hat is cute though.

wow slug heck

Haha honestly what is this doggo doing. Also what is his human doing. This pic is funny though.

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