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Bamboozled - Dogs Tricking Us

Updated January 9, 2017

The Bamboozled Dog Meme is one of my favorites, so what exactly does it mean? It is when a dog is wearing a cute / rediculous costume and tries to trick us into thinking its another animal.

It might seem kinda stupid but I can't get enough of it!

Bumboozled Again!

For some reason this one is my favorite. His face is so adorable! Bumboozled again!

Banana costume dog memes

Banana doggo! This is also a classic bamboozled dog meme. This guy doesn't look as happy.

Heckin Crocboozled

Wow! A scary croc all the way here! This little guy is going to scare some folks.

Dino Doggo

Haha he honestly has no idea whats going on. His little t-rex arms make him twice as adorable.

Fish Boozled Dog Meme

Yes this one is a little rediculous. This speedy little fish here is up to something.

Bamboozled Heck

Sorry, no devil here. Only pupper. Heckin bamboozled!

Long Snoot Pupper

Not a long snoot doggo! Actually a pupper fren.

Not sure if bamboozled

Not sure if dogeboozled. Well he is wearing a bee costume so the bumboozle is official, but he still isn't sure.

Sheep Boozled

I made this caption myself. It is funny but this one just looks crazy lol.

Taco Boozled

This is a really tough decision. Taco or Doggo. Why not have both?

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