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Bamboozlin Thicc Bois Invasion

April 25, 2017

What is a Thicc Boi

What is a thicc boi? Here is the answer.

Big Shiba Boy

Look at this thicc ol shiba, what a sight to behold.

Thicc Boi Boofday Cake

This doggo is nervously awaiting his boofday cake, which he will nom.

Boofer Showing Stomach

Cute woofers like this love showing off their bellies, especially if its extra thick.

Couch Riding Woofer

Riding the couch is a daily pastime for this thicc woofer here.

Doggo Hatching

Aww this cute doggo looks like it is hatching! This is how the thicc boi invasion started.

Extra Thicc Doggo

Look at this guy right here, this is what we call a giant dog. Still cute as heck though.

Hehe Pizza Boy

I love this pic, the dog loves pizza just as much as I do.

Sleep While Standing

This thicc boi is shutting down after an overload of nuggers.

Thicc Boof Cola

Boofer cola is now extra big with 5 liters of flavor.

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