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Guilty Dogs - Also Known as Dog Shaming

Updated March 19, 2017

We all know dogs, as well as most pets, have a tendency to get into mischeif from time to time.

The guilty dogs on this page are being outed thanks to these pictures and their owners!

Husky Eats Everything

Aww this husky looks so ashamed. Its true, dogs like these love to eat pretty much anything.

Doggo steals bacon

This guy stole bacon, but in his defense bacon is amazing. Next time just ask big guy!

one guilty dog one not

One is guilty and one is not? Oh well those transgressions aren't so bad. I feel like the other one is hiding something.

Dog Licks Bum in Shower

He is just trying to help get his owner a little extra cleaning power in there.

Chaos Master Dog

Look at the smug look of satisfaction on this dog's face. He is a true master of chaos.

Dog is afraid of cat

Aww this poor dog. I can't blame him, cats can be pretty fiesty sometimes. He really looks afraid. AWW!

Dog eats socks, cat supplies socks

This dog loves eating socks. Look how happy he is! Especially with the other dog helping him.

Dog With Green Feet

Well at least its not paint. Dogs love getting into things, but I think this guilty doggo learned his lesson.

Husky Jumps Out and Poops

Not all heroes wear capes, but this one wears a paper sign. He seems fine though, despite the car jump.

Good dog still wears sign

Aww this is a good doggie here. He is older, and wiser, and stays away from mischief. His parents want his message to be spread.

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